Miller Weldmaster Acquires Triad, Spec, and Hot Air Products from Sinclair Equipment Company

The First Choice Globally of All Industrial Fabric Welding Solutions!

In keeping with the vision of being The First Choice Globally of All Industrial Fabric Welding Solutions, Miller Weldmaster is pleased to announce the expansion of its business with an even wider product line and improved service and customer support. It provides us the ability to service a greater range of equipment to fabricators within the industrial fabrics market. It provides new opportunities for our customers in helping with daily production and manufacturing needs.

Further, the establishment of a West Coast Office provides greater accessibility to serve our existing and new customers in the western United States and Canada.      Read full press release...

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Portable and Versatile

Designed for bonding thermoplastic textiles and ideal for in-house fabrication needs to produce tents, tarps, awnings, covers, and more. Portable for use on floor or tables

Single, Dedicated Welder

Designed with a fast drive motor and unique pre-heat roller system that will increase overall production output. Available with Hem, Overlap and Keder dedicated welds

Walkable and Efficient

Designed with simple controls and stand up steering for easy operation. The Seamrover is an efficient, hot air walkable welder for overlap and variable size pocket welds.